Six golden rules to stay positive amid Corona Pandemic

So, how do we maintain our mental and physical health during this unprecedented and critical time?

In a nutshell, I think we all need to manage our expectations. Unfortunately, this lockdown isn’t going to be the retreat of our dreams and the notion that extended warranty. Main bring you and unprecedented. Productivity is also lightened being. At least, to begin with, do not underestimate the additional mental and emotional load that this pandemic brings all the impact it will have on us and our productivity. At least in the short term, difficulty, concentrating, low motivation, and a state of distraction are expected. So, I implore you to, please, please go easy on yourself as we settle into this new Rhythm move, remote, working and isolation. We need to be realistic about the goals we’re setting instead. Focus on what we can influence, what can we change? And perhaps, most importantly, What we can learn now. Here is my simple six, Golden rules.

Number 1-

Maintain a routine, and this will help keep your mind focused and sharp. It also helps to normalize your day.

Number 2-

Keep up the content. This Is 2020, and we all have the tools at our fingertips to keep in touch with loved ones. Colleagues, friends old and new, regular contact, and shared experiences are so important.

Number 3-

Get some sleep. This is probably one of the few times where we can get sleep. We need to use it

Number 4-

Furthermore, boost your immune system with exercise. Keep doing it; stop doing it and then restart again.

Number five-

Be informed, not overwhelmed; knowing what’s going on is important knowing what’s going on 24 hours a day from multiple sources will only serve to waive down signs, follow the rules. We need to trust the experts. We’re all links in a chain, and one break the chain fails.

Finally, and Number 6-

This will pass, and it will become history. Note the here and now, but what we learn from it, Well, that’s up to us, stay safe. Thank you.

  1. Great thoughts everyone should must follow.

  2. Great article, pieces of advice are concise and easy to understand. Found your blog very helpful. I am looking forward to more content.

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