Personal development ideas to improve yourself

Today, at this point in life, you’re here because you have grown and developed yourself from What you were before. That is what this blog is about – developing yourself to be better every day. You may not be able to work with everything listed below, and sometimes you can’t, but these are great ways to improve yourself. Keep in mind that many other personal development ideas could also guide you.

  1. Improve your public speaking skills

Speaking up in public and voicing your opinion is very important as it makes you feel comfortable about yourself. Have you had those moments where you felt like ‘ah, I could have said that, but I didn’t .. why?’ – these are moments of regrets. Speaking up doesn’t necessarily mean an argument or disagreement. It means to take part and feel involved.

  1. Improve your time management

Time management is a great skill to have no matter how old you are and what you are right now. When you manage your time, it simply means you know how to prioritize things. Time is an investment you make to gain the outcome you wish. You could use a calendar, planner, diary, to-do lists, phone reminders, or even sticky notes to divide time and plan.

  1. Develop a growth mindset

Make sure you aspire to grow whenever you get the opportunity to do so. Having an open mind to growth makes you more aware of the opportunities in front of you than if you are not keen on growing yourself.

  1. Learn something new

When you keep yourself continuously occupied by learning new hobbies and activities, you automatically learn new things through those acts. You must do these with your heart as this will help put your complete mind in whatever you do.

  1. Be organized

Mostly, time management and organization skill are quite the same – if you do either one, you automatically do the other. E.g., if you plan your day for tomorrow, that also means you have organized the day, right? However, organization skills can also be coordinating, thinking straight, structuring, keeping things tidy, organizing your work plan, your wardrobe, etc. This skill personally brings me peace – if you’re an organized person, you’d be able to relate a lot.

  1. Have self-confidence

Self-confidence is by far the most important quality one should have. When you’re confident about yourself, you’ll start showing self-love. Being a narcissist is different from having self-confidence. It would be best if you didn’t think you’re right about everything. However, it would be best to have confidence in what you do and what you say without hurting others.

  1. Reflect on your day at the end of the day

Looking back on your day helps you evaluate your growth towards your goal by analyzing each day. I use my diary to keep track of what I do every day and how I feel daily to summarise at the end of the month. It helps me think about what I need to do to improve myself to keep my mental health fit and also be proud of all that I have accomplished in that time.

  1. Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Forcing yourself to do something or feeling that you’re not enough won’t help you become who you aspire to be. It creates more stress and hatred within yourself. Why won’t you be happy with who you are despite trying so much? The first step to self-love is to accept who you are. Knowing and understanding the person you are is such a massive achievement in this world we live in.

  1. Listen actively to what others have to say

Listening to what others have to say is an excellent quality to hold. It shows patience. It shows understanding. The quick thought of responding is what stops us from listening actively without interrupting. Listening has also proved better intake and understanding of information. However, it is also essential that you don’t let other people’s negative words dwell in your mind.

  1. Appreciate

I’ve listed this last so that this is the most important, and I would like you to take this along with you when you finish reading this blog (according to me). Appreciating yourself and showing gratitude towards your actions is just as crucial as finishing what you have started. It is also important to acknowledge when others appreciate and compliment you.

I’ve kept this short and straightforward because personal development involves two parts – to understand and to act. The first part is to understand what you want to act upon, but the second part is the most important one – to act on it. Please don’t force yourself to work on each of them; however, try a little by little. If you feel you lack motivation, then first, get up and start your day. Getting up from your bed is the start of your day – by doing this, you convert a lazy morning into a valuable morning, and then you’ll be motivated to carry on. That’s how your day becomes productive.

Every day cannot be the same, and you can’t expect it to be, but it is about how you motivate yourself to keep going.

Remember: it’s okay to take a break when you feel tired and to stop if you feel like it’s toxic and draining your energy – let it be a person or an act.

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