Misconceptions about Yoga

The appeal of yoga is increasing really quickly in all parts of the world. Every foreign national who concerns India reclaims a different understanding of yoga. In India itself, there are different myths surrounding yoga. There is a likelihood that what is being taught in numerous yoga schools is not really the ancient practice of yoga. This makes a lot of distinction to the end outcome.

What are these myths about yoga? Let’s learn and bust a few of them!

That yoga is simply being able to carry out impractical presents.

It is a typical perception that yoga is mainly about asanas. However, the reality is asanas are not the end. They are the means to an end, completion being yoga. Yoga is the awareness of the symbiosis of your own self and the source of life. Hatha yoga is misinterpreted as being just for the physique. You will have the ability to entirely comprehend the purpose of hatha yoga if you look past the physical element. If you wish to discover yoga in its true kind, some ashrams like AyurYoga Eco-Ashram in Mysore offer dedicated courses for hatha yoga in India. Such yoga schools can assist you in recognizing the genuine power of yoga.

Yoga ought to be practised with music

The function of hatha yoga is to increase awareness about your body, energy, mind and your soul. Your focus needs to be entirely on the inside and this is possible just when there is no interruption in your environments. Music will not help in this regard. Yoga should be approached with a specific reverence.

You should have seen the depiction of yoga classes in movies and TV serials. There is one huge flaw in how classes are revealed as being performed. The instructor is always talking. The ramification is not that there needs to be no communication at all. But the trainers typically speak only when it is essential.

People attempting to discover yoga from a book may see its health benefits but ashrams in India are the very best locations to discover if you wish to experience true yoga.

I will suggest few books which might be very helpful for someone who wants to get deep into yoga and wants to understand the health benefits of different poses/asanas. For those who don’t know, World Yoga day is celebrated on 21st June of every year.

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