High-end smartwatches vs. economical Smartwatches

There are several types of smartwatches available in the market for all price segments, be it a high-end watch or smartwatches for the price-conscious buyer looking for a perfect gadget with most of the functions of a high-end smartwatch but in less amount of money.
Recently Apple launched their MODEL apple watch 6.
The new watch is good, fast, adds some new features (utility for which may become better over time).

Apple Watch essentially is a smartwatch with fitness/activity tracking capabilities. Let’s not confuse it with activity/fitness trackers like Garmin/Fitbit/etc.

I have been using a Fitbit Versa (1st generation) for almost 1.5 yrs now. It gave me all the fitness information from the heart to daily workout/activity, detailed sleep tracking, calories, steps, etc., essentially almost everything that a good Fitness Tracker can do. What the versa lacked was the ability to respond to messages/calls. This missing functionality, over some time, was making me look at other options.

Apple watch was the obvious best choice for the smartwatch, especially for iPhone users. Buy an apple watch if your primary requirement is to have a smartwatch (wherein you can read, respond to messages and calls from the watch without reaching out for your phone), giving you good activity/fitness tracking capability.
However, if you are actively into fitness tracking, I think there are better options available with Garmin / Fitbit / etc.

If I talk about Realme Smartwatch S pro, I must admit it is also an excellent choice for some with a budget under 10k.
The best smartwatch under 10,000 after a month of research:

Compared to the competition, the Realme watch S Pro has these advantages:

  1. Display – The AMOLED display realme uses it top-notch and not just how it looks, but also the touch response and smoothness of using the display. When you have such a small display area, the touch has to be precise, and the realme watch S Pro does such a good job.
  2. GPS – realme uses an exact and low power GPS, and it is as I expected for a watch at this price, but it also takes much less battery while being ON
  3. SPO2 monitor – In this price range, there are many watches without SPO2, which is even more critical in the Covid situation. The SPO2 is also very accurate on this one which is not a surprise given realme already has two other watches with SPO2.
  4. Build quality – The frame is solid metal and feels cold to the touch if you leave it out for too long, and one will love that. When you think of a smartwatch, you completely forget that the watch hardware and body are equally important, which one will found impeccable here.
  5. Performance – The watch is swift, and one will found after buying. The realme Watch S Pro has two processors, which is clearly why the performance felt so smooth. Opening apps is also very smooth, and the whole experience is quick
    Many other options are also available for less than the 5k price range
    and have quite a bit of the same functions as their expensive and brandy counterparts.
    I hope this will clear readers’ dilemma about which smartwatch to buy.
    Thank you for reading

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